Mother of Molokai

Catherine Cluett

Hina sculpture finally settles.

[Appeared in the Nov. 12, 2009 issue of The Molokai Dispatch]

By Catherine Cluett

Cool and contemplative, Hina sits with closed eyes and an open hand. Her hair falls around her like the rich valleys of Molokai, and her garments ripple like cascading waterfalls. Before her rests a stone gourd which holds the power of rebuke and even death. But Hina’s pose is that of anticipation, not anger, and Molokai rests safe in her lap. Hina, the mother of Molokai, is home at last. Molokai, Nui a Hina.

The sculpture “Pu`ino Kolu o Hina,” carved by Molokai artist Alapa`i Hanapi has finally settled in its rightful place in the courtyard between the Molokai Public Library and the state buildings. In a blessing ceremony last Tuesday, the journey that began more than a decade ago was completed.

Hina began to take birth in 1994, when an advisory…

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